Apr 18, 2014

Chromeo + Dillon Francis [electro]


Apr 9, 2014

Young Hearts + Old Farts [indie pop]

Even though I'm at the grumpy and cynical age of 30.. I cant help but enjoy the blind enthusiasm that this song exudes. Then again, fuck you millenials and your stereos. We were belting out our jams on our boom boxes before you were even an afterthought on some drunk vacation. Grrrr.


Apr 8, 2014

Siren + Complications [indie pop]

Well this came out of left field... straight to the top of the hypem charts and ingrained in that little part of your brain that cant help but listen over and over and over to the lovely harmonies, hypnotic percussions, and driving hooks. This is Siren's first single off an impending release... follow Kat and Sky on the Twits.


Dec 2, 2013

Kanye + Solidisco [nu disco]

I dont like posting Kanye... and technically this is all Charlie Wilson's vocals over some old soul music samples... less Kanye the better. Glad Solidisco was able to snipe the best and strongest part of the track into a french nuwave disco track.


Dec 1, 2013

Dan Croll + Yuksek [electro]

Feels like home.

Photo by Gabe Farnsworth


Oct 15, 2013

Tycho + Ghostly [dream pop]

Skipping thru the latest hypem charts, and I get down to Tycho's new single, "Awake"... and it reminds of something... something familiar, and warm and comforting. Like a still fall night tucked in a heavy wool blanket... isolated from any business or stress from work or the city. A place that you can escape.

So I'm not surprised to see that the San Francisco producer's new track was released under one of our favorite indie labels, Ghostly International. If you're into dream pop, shoe gaze, chill wave, etc... listen.

Tycho - Awake

Photo courtesy of Michael Cina


Sep 21, 2013

RAC + Bloc Party [electro pop]

What can I say about RAC... almost everything they've ever released has been on my top10 hit list. And now they're collaborating with Kele Okereke (lead man from Bloc Party and likely the most recognizable voice in all of british indie rock). Winnarz!

RAC - Let Go (ft. Kele & MNDR)

Photo by EmreKaanSezer


Sep 19, 2013

Jhené Aiko + Childish Gambino [r&b]

If Troy wasn't in this track... I'd still think it was pretty good. Dont know anything about Jhene Aiko, but her voice is sooo there. And the track is sooo here.

Jhené Aiko - Bed Peace (ft. Childish Gambino)


Sep 17, 2013

College + High Highs [pop]

One of my favorite movies of the last few years was largely credited to its amazing sountrack. Drive used an intense and melodic collection of pure synth electro as both a catalyst for its riveting action, as well as its whimsical scenes of nothing-is-more-improtant-than-this-one-person-beside-me-right-now-and-nothing-will-ever-change-that.

High Highs - A Real Hero (College Cover)


Sep 16, 2013

Flex Cop + Meth [electro house]

Summer come and summer gone.

Flex Cop - This Is Not Meth